To simplify, traditional Naturopathy views the mind and body as either leaning toward its natural state of health or leaning away from it. This view reasons that the internal and external relationships of life are the underlying cause of any of the symptoms we face when we are out of sync.For example, instead of viewing inflammation as the cause of a problem and taking a pill to reduce that inflammation, Naturopathy looks at the inflammation as a symptom of a deeper problem, some internal or external relationship out of balance. Simply reducing the inflammation, or shutting off the alarm system, never addresses the real underlying problem that the body is reacting to. Instead of leaving the mind and body in this state of imbalance where it will manifest these alarm symptoms again, later on or in a different form, Naturopathy helps to identify the underlying imbalances and offers a lifestyle that will keep us leaning toward our natural state of health.

Traditional Naturopathy isn’t the place for diagnosis or cure. It’s an education in wellness that, when applied, brings balance, vitality, and longevity to all the internal and external relationships of the body and mind.

The air you breathe and how you breathe it, the water you drink and how much of it, the food you eat and how often you eat it, the stress in your life and the techniques you use to manage it; there is no pill to bring these relationships into balance. Traditional Naturopathy will lead the way.