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Pastured Meats:
Your Health, Your Politics, and your Wallet.
By Dr Jason Deyo

Why is pasture-raised meat better for us? Ounce for ounce, pastured meats have 2X the anti-inflammatory omega 3 as grain fed beef and ½ the pro-inflammatory omega 6. Pastured meats have 3X the fat burning and muscle building CLA (conjugated linoleic acid,) more beta-carotene, more Vit. E, and more Vit. B. It’s naturally leaner than grain-fed so total fat intake is lower and let’s not forget the reduction in E. coli and salmonella exposure that grain fed-chicken and beef are known for. Moreover, the data suggesting links between meat consumption and heart disease, cancer, and obesity is all done on grain-fed meat and the people who eat it.

Worried about cholesterol? Don’t be. Remember, it’s insulin that triggers cholesterol synthesis. 85% of our serum cholesterol level is dictated by the excess starches and sugars we eat, not our pasture-raised meats.

The water pollution, greenhouse gasses, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, and dioxins that are making us sick are all coming from conventionally raised feed-lot animal waste and from the fertilizer used to make their corn and soy meal. Buying locally pastured meats solves these problems and also reduces pollution produced from transport (fuel), processing, packaging, and freezing.

What about the cost? Answer: subsidies. 45 billion dollars in taxes over the last ten years went to corn and soy meal. Grain-fed meat is not cheaper; we are paying for it with our tax dollars and our medical bills. Getting Uncle Sam out of big-agra would make pastured meats less expensive than grain-fed.

Did anyone see the article on Mitt Romney in Time last month? He faces losing the nomination in several states based on his position to reduce corn subsidies. Public political punishment for trying to improve our health, clean up our environment, and put more money in our wallets. If we want anything to change we have to vote with our fork. Buy pasture raised meats!

“Exposure to antibiotics, growth hormones, and toxic run-off from livestock feed lots can be minimized by eating free-range meat raised without these medications if it is available.”
President’s Cancer Panel, Annual Report 2008-09.

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