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Active Metabolic Test


Debbie’s Story-

Debbie was working out with a trainer three times a week (at $100 a session) for 6 months. While she saw consistent gains in strength and flexibility, Debbie was paying for weight loss and not getting it. After a quick metabolic exam (example 1) Debbie found that she stopped burning fat at a heart rate of 125. (She had been told to keep her heart rate above 140- and to stay over 160 for intervals.) After explaining her test results, she realized that there was no way to achieve her fat loss goals at the heart rate zone she was exercising in. She agreed to follow a 4-week cardiovascular program designed to increase both the amount of body fat she burned and the heart rate (aerobic threshold) at which she stopped burning fat.

Debbie came back in 4 weeks, after following the cardiovascular program, and found that (example 2) she had not only doubled the amount of body fat she was able to burn but increased the heart rate at which she was able to burn it by 25 points. Happy with her results, she agreed to follow a new cardiovascular program (based on her new results) for another 4 weeks.

Debbie came back at the end of her 8th week for another test and found that she had succeeded in the goal to train her body to become a fat burning machine (example 3).

Now that Debbie is burning body fat efficiently, she can weight train, take spin classes, go jogging and do whatever else her trainer tells her to do and see the dramatic fat loss she had wanted from the beginning.

If you’re training hard and not seeing results, like Debbie was till she came in for a metabolic test, maybe your metabolism is the problem. Come in for a metabolic test and find out if the exercises you are doing are actually helping you achieve your goals.

I guarantee you this: you’re better off scheduling a metabolic test now, than to find out what you should have done after paying for ineffective training for 3 months and not losing weight.