A nutrition plan is a process and the first consult is just the beginning. After an RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis), body composition testing, and some basic metabolic Q and A, we’ll discuss options for a sample menu that will result in both setting and achieving some realistic goals.
The consultation sets the stage for an ongoing educational dialog that allows us to regain stewardship over our health and to feel empowered by the daily choices we make to feel and look our very best.

After 2 decades of helping clients dial in their daily menus it’s become clear that the antiquated idea of calories in/calories out just doesn’t work for everyone. Whether it’s hypoglycemia, insulin sensitivity and hormonal imbalances, a damaged (slow) metabolism, leaky gut syndrome, Candida, colitis, or heartburn – everyone responds differently to the foods they choose. More often than not, clients are happy to learn that under eating has been keeping them from losing body fat. Family consultations tend to be eye openers as well when it turns out that the same foods that are helping the parents perform at their best are keeping unwanted weight on the children.

No two plans are alike, so bring all your questions and concerns and be prepared to hear some current research that will change many of your beliefs about what’s healthy and what isn’t. Your unique program will depend on you. Are you looking for a liver detox after years of HRT? Want a nutrition software program to plan out exactly what portions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins will take off body fat and keep it off? Interested in learning what kinds of cardiovascular exercise can help with hypoglycemia and what kinds can make it worse? Whatever you walk in the door with, we will come up with a nutritional support plan to suit your needs.