Autoimmune Diet

“Whatsoever was the father of disease, an ill diet was the mother”

With the general concept of an autoimmune diet, similar to a diet for colitis, there are some more basics to consider. We live in a toxic world. Although there is some poorly written environmental legislation trying to limit the rate that we are polluting our environment (usually more concerned with an endangered bird than with our food, our water, our air or our bodies), we are only limiting the rate of pollution. We are not becoming any less toxic. So, we can talk about limiting our exposure to toxins (arsenic/mercury) all day but the real conversation has be about detoxification and rebuilding a robust immune system.

An autoimmune diet is something I think we would all be wise to consider. More than half of the women who come in for a nutrition consultation have non-specific IBS, Autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s), Sjogren’s syndrome or fibromyalgia. These cases keep piling up and the one thing I see helping them feel a reduction in symptoms over everything else is following a disease nutrition support plan.

Think about it- Millions of people will have a hot dog and a beer at a ball game this year. They won’t be sick and bloated for the rest of the day because they ate some junk food, they will be sick and bloated because their digestion wasn’t robust enough to deal with the junk food they ate.

These issues didn’t happen overnight. They used to be able to enjoy shopping and now they walk into a department store and one whiff of perfume and they have a headache or fatigue or nausea for the rest of the day. They can’t wear the jewelry they have worn for decades. The foods they grew up on now suddenly have them feeling bloated at best and more often running for the nearest rest room. Their immune systems have slowly crumbled over time and after seeing a dozen different physicians, they finally come into the office for a nutrition consultation.