Stress Reduction Techniques – Nasal Breathing

Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system with deep diaphragmatic nasal breathing quickly restores the body to relaxation and stress reduction. It’s a matter of quantity vs. quality- although mouth breathing allows you to quickly pull in a large breath of air, it doesn’t leave you time to allow the lungs to exchange O2 for CO2 and thus you are forced to exhale quickly so you can take another breath.

This less efficient process of mouth breathing actually increases your heart rate and decreases the time the blood has to absorb O2 from the lungs.

  • Nasal Breathing helps reduce congestion.
  • The Mucosal lining of nose helps purify the air before it hits the lungs thus minimizing airborne immune stressors.
  • Nasal Breathing improves both nitric oxide production and absorption, which improves blood pressure, circulates cold hands and feet and stimulates immune health.
  • Try a yoga or tai chi class and get back in touch with your breath.
  • Let’s not forget about meditation and prayer.

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