Stress Reduction Techniques – Sleep

Remember that sleep affects your cortisol (stress hormone) and cortisol affects your sleep. Generally, if you have a hard time falling asleep then you need to focus on lowering cortisol. If you fall asleep easily but wake up throughout the night, it’s often adrenal stress; your cortisol is too low already. Get tested and find out what the best stress reduction technique is for you!

Especially teenagers! You might get a little more studying in if you stay up for an extra hour, but will you remember it tomorrow when you’re sleep deprived? You will absolutely retain more information studying after you’re well rested.

Tips for sleep:

  • Lights Out! Keep the room as dark a possible.
  • Avoid the stimulating backlit computer and TV screens before bedtime.
  • Save email responses and bill paying for the morning.
  • Losing just ½ an hour of sleep can result in hypertension. Take a nap! If you ever get caught sleeping on the job… just raise your head up high, look your boss in the eye and say ‘In Jesus name, amen.’

Lastly, my personal favorite stress reduction technique: music.