Stress Reduction Techniques – Talk Therapy

“It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.”
– Hans Selye

Think about it- cortisol (your stress hormone) does an absolutely fantastic job of helping you to store fat and fast tracking yourself into insulin resistance.

Weight loss aside, without the tools and understanding it takes to reduce the anxieties and frustrations you feel from life’s daily interactions, you don’t have a fighting chance at stress reduction.

Possibly questionable ethics here but If I were a trained psychoanalyst, I’d be advertising something like “Stressed out? Lose weight here!”

“Under stress, we regress.”
– Dr. David Brooks

  • Work to resolve chronic emotional/relationship stress.
  • Goal setting- (Not just what, more importantly, why.)
  • Teenagers- (It’s easy to say kids don’t have bills and responsibilities but the surveys are clear- they have higher stress than you can imagine. Just ask any dentist what age group grinds their teeth the most.)
  • Gratitude- Take a lesson from Cicero and jot down a quick list of life’s blessings. Turning the mind away from worry or stress and toward something positive goes a long way. Think solution, not problem.