Stress Reduction Techniques – Touch Therapy (Massage)

I can remember checking into a hotel one vacation as a kid and being asked I’d like to schedule a massage and thinking to myself “why would I waste an hour of vacation paying someone to rub my shoulders?” Thank the heavens for a few sports injuries or I may have never found the healing stress reduction technique of massage.

Of all the techniques available out there, reflexology has become my favorite. The best 60 minute massage I HAVE EVER HAD was entirely dedicated to the space between my toenails and my ankles. If you happen to live in LA, contact Ryan Carrillo  for a reflexology appointment at (818) 438-2602.

  • Massage will break up knotted fascia between sore muscles to improve circulation.
  • Massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and drain stored toxins for elimination.
  • As long as we’re on the topic of touch, let’s not forget about intimacy. Whether you are holding hands or making love; when it comes to lowering cortisol, this is an area where more is better. Likewise, if there is no intimacy in your relationship- please consider therapy. Life is short; take what’s available to improve it.